We don’t grow from a comfort zone, we grow from adversity. If you are on this website, know that you’ve just taken your first step in a direction towards growth. Whatever your reason is and whatever brings you here, there is an opportunity in adversity. Are you ready to take another step?

I am here to offer you support on your path to change.

I am a fully qualified, experienced and accredited integrative counsellor and hypnotherapist. I offer Skype/Zoom counselling and hypnotherapy sessions as well as face to face sessions both short and long term in Chelmsford and Blackmore, Essex, UK.

Feel free to explore, read some of the articles on my blog page and tap into your inner freedom with a free relaxation recording.

Anxiety & Resilience

You can change how your mind perceives a feared situation whether it’s related to the anxiety you experience, GAD, OCD, panic disorder or phobia. In a crisis, life tests our coping skills. I believe we all have the capacity to be resilient; sometimes, we need to peel off a few of our layers to find it. The best moment to change is here and now.


Self-esteem & Confidence

It may be anything that could take you to a completely new quality of life, but you feel that something blocks you, you lack confidence and doubt that you can do it. I am here to listen to you and help you overcome difficult emotions and self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from fulfilling your potential.


Emotional Pain

As humans, we experience a various range of emotions; some of them are painful and overwhelming. It may be an effect of loss, relationship issues, depression or past trauma that holds a tight grip on you. The counselling process is a safe space to guide you and make sense of these painful experiences and eventually bring acceptance that will heal your heart and help you move forward.


Lifestyle changes

Transform your mindset as well as deal with the root cause to achieve the change you want to see in your life. Certain beliefs may be sabotaging you from achieving your potential and goals such as finding and fulfilling your calling, building your dream career, losing weight or developing new habits.



I felt very calm and positive during my experience. Anna is very personable and professional. With her help, I was able to discover aspects of my life which have affected my eating habits and my personality, such as people pleasing., which I am now able to address. The sessions have benefited me immensely in my every day and work life. I am able to, with the new and improved mindset gained by my sessions turn them into positive actions. The sessions have helped me enormously. I highly recommend Anna.


I really enjoyed seeing Anna, very kind and knowledgable! I believe I have overcome my concerns for exams and I now feel comfortable and confident. At first, I was very anxious about hypnotherapy but Anna put me at ease and proved that anything is possible. The sessions were professional as well as friendly and I believe they are productive and well planned to suit your needs.


Anna was my only outlet and I felt very welcome and listened to. Anna dealt with my original issue but also dug deeper to get to the root problem. After my sessions I felt relieved of my problems, listened to and more confident in myself. Anna helped me to create a better mindset and helped build a happier life. I feel so much more confident in myself now and will be eternally grateful for giving me the tools to be a confident, happy person.


It’s hard to summarise my experience in a few sentences, because I feel it doesn’t do it on Anna’s justice! Anna, from the start has made me feel so at ease and I genuinely have never felt judgement from Anna for what I and probably others that came to Anna feel is a ‘strange’ problem. Anna is extremely professional, but also brings warmth and ‘normality’ to the sessions and the problem you are suffering. I will be forever grateful to Anna for helping me cope with my phobia of vomiting. I came to Anna feeling vulnerable and sceptical if I would ever be able to cope with sickness and vomiting and I am leaving her sessions knowing I have all the tools to tackle this moving forward. Thank you Anna, you have truly made an unbearable experience bearable!


Anna was a very calm and rational influence. She helped my without judgement and was very professional, though at the same time very approachable and friendly. She went above and beyond, including facing my fear after our hypnotherapy session. I have changed the way I view anxiety and feel so much better since our sessions. Would definitely recommend.


Anna from the beginning of the sessions has, I feel, put 100% into helping me through a difficult time by suggesting things beyond therapy to help (self-help books, tools to use at home). I found Anna flexible, supportive and patient. I felt safe with Anna to share feelings and thoughts that I had not shared with others. Anna has helped me to rebuild my confidence and self believe and given me the skills and strength to cope with set backs. Thank you.


I contacted Anna at a time when I was suffering from anxiety which was causing me to suffer from confidence issues and low self-esteem. This was mostly linked to an incident which I had been traumatised by. Anna treated me for PTSD and after some sessions, I was able to dismiss the event as experience and focus on building myself back up. Sessions were relaxed and adapted to my needs, ensuring that I was given resources which I could use at home. I feel much more confident and would not hesitate in contacting Anna in the future for support when required.


Anna was very kind, caring and understanding. She put me at ease straight away. I felt very comfortable and confident in sharing my phobia with her. She was easy to talk to and non-judgemental. She helped me overcome my phobia and anxiety as well as helped me to achieve a better mental state and a happier everyday life. She gave me the tools I needed to help fight it in everyday life as well as overcoming old demons.


I’ve found hypnotherapy an interesting and helpful experience. It has helped me to see things differently, through a deeper understanding of my feelings and a more positive mindset. I’ve also learnt some great relaxation techniques that have made a real difference to my life. Anna took time to understand my condition and tailored our sessions accordingly. She is caring and professional and I would recommend her as an excellent therapist.


Being able to address the issue of swallowing tablets and understand that it is not just an issue that was personal to me, gave me great confidence in the hypnotherapy process. Being able to link progression with overcoming my fear to each session was excellent, a complete sense of working to breakdown the issue and continually reflecting on positive progression between sessions has allowed me to successfully overcome a lifelong barrier.


I had never done hypnotherapy before but was eager and intrigued to try it. I had 4 sessions of hypno gastric band hypnotherapy with Anna. She made me feel so calm and comfortable every session. The treatment really allowed me to be so much more aware of where I was going wrong and where my issues had stemmed from. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be more conscious and in control of their dietary habits.


Ania has a caring and understanding personality and I felt relaxed and understood in her company. Through meditation & visualisation I was able to relax more deeply than I thought I could. Then we did parts therapy and some inner child work, which enabled me to heal some deep wounds and reverse the negativity I was feeling about a particular situation, and life itself. My initial uncertainty about hypnosis and regression was quickly overcome as I felt totally safe and in control at all times.

I would thoroughly recommend Ania’s counselling service.


I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Anna. I felt cared for and safe every time. Ania was leading our meeting with great awareness and calmness. We were working on my blockade in speaking a foreign language. Thanks to Anna I discovered the possibilities of my subconscious and worked out my fear of speaking in English. Anna’s care, her smile and spirit make sessions enjoyable and relaxing 🙂 I recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know themselves, find answers to various questions and discover what power lies in the visualisation and strength of our mind.


It’s a pretty standard joke that in times of crisis we reach for chocolate, there is a whole industry of greeting cards, fridge magnets and advertising materiel based on our addiction to it. However it isn’t so funny when the pounds are going on and you cannot resist the urge to have just one more piece. Hypnotherapy with  Anna has helped me to modify my appetite for chocolate, so that now  while I still eat it occasionally I no longer crave it. I found the whole experience very relaxing and empowering. I am happy to recommend it to anyone trying to gain control of their eating habits.


Anna is very passionate about supporting others in a very holistic and calming way towards their goal. I was fortunate enough to experience her guided hypnotherapy sessions using metaphors and visualisations. I have to say I have never experienced such deep relaxation trough doing breath, meditation before. I am new to hypnotherapy and I found it very powerful. It was a mixture of carefully doing assessment and finding out things I would like work on. Whether you have something specific you would like to tackle or simply looking to learn how to be more present, raising self-awareness hypnotherapy could be your answer.

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Counselling and Hypnotherapy sessions

50 min

face to face – £65

Zoom session – £60

including a free audio recording tailored to your program

Regression Therapy

1 session

up to 90 min


more about Regression Therapy

The Hypno Gastric Band Program

4 sessions


including 2 take away audio recordings to reinforce the therapy

more about the Hypno-Gastric Band Program

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Free Initial Consultation

Just Imagine Therapy counselling and hypnotherapy offers a free initial consultation over the phone to assess your needs and make sure you can benefit from this form of therapy.

We all face times in our lives when we may feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, doubt ourselves or are dealing with past issues. The therapy I offer provides you with a safe space to explore your concerns, discover and understand the reasons behind them and choose a path to move forward. You are the expert on your own life and I am here to guide and support you on your path to the change you truly desire.

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About Counselling

Every session is tailored to your needs as there is no one solution that fits all.
I draw upon a range of counselling modalities and approaches, such as REBT, person-centred, existential and psychodynamic.

I work with anxiety, phobias, GAD, OCD, panic attacks, low self-esteem, confidence, depression, loss of direction in life, relationship issues, stress, bereavement and loss, coping with illness and chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS.
As a counsellor and hypnotherapist, I will be non-judgemental and will accept you unconditionally. I won’t tell you what to do; instead, I will support and empower you to find your own strength, resilience, sense and direction in life. I believe that is the core of permanent change and that you’ve got all the skills you need to live a happy, fulfilled life. You just need to uncover them and I am here to support you in this process. My role is to provide a confidential and safe space for you to discover your True Self, not to offer you a ‘cure’. During this process, you will learn a lot about yourself and you will gain coping strategies to deal with adversities in your life. That itself will make you a stronger, more resilient person. From there you can move forward and live a happy, fulfilled and balanced life.

Why hypnotherapy?

There are many ways people define hypnotherapy. Some say that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, as the hypnotised person gives permission and follows the instructions. For others hypnotherapy is a guided meditation or meditation with a goal. For me it’s a combination of relaxation, visualisation and affirmation. It’s like an entrance to our inner world through the door leading to a country as beautiful as the lands of Narnia. It’s a journey full of adventures and challenges, which we start as soon as we take a deep breath and close our eyes… That is how I like to think about this experience! Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, where we find ourselves in few times per day. It is so natural that we don’t even notice it. We are in this state when we watch a movie or read a book, which completely entrances us, when we are falling asleep and waking up or even when we drive the car to our work everyday taking the same route, we suddenly notice that we don’t remember anything what we were passing by on the way. When we are relaxed the frequency of our brain waves changes, our breath slows down and muscles relax. When we feel safe our subconscious mind is receptive to suggestions which are beneficial for us. We then have access to the centre where our habits and beliefs exist and the possibility to shape them, so they will become more supportive.Hypnotherapy adopts the power of positive suggestions and directs them to your subconscious mind, which is the source of your core beliefs and thoughts that affect your everyday life. This form of therapy has been proven to be effective for a wide range of problems.
If you would like to learn more about hypnotherapy or maybe you are concerned that you will start flapping like a chicken during the session… feel free to read my blog! You may wish to start here from common questions about hypnotherapy. 😉

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