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…a beautiful, sunny day when you are walking along the beach. You hear the sound of the sea… you feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin… and with every breath clean and fresh air is going into your body… You are HERE and NOW. Your mind is calm and free. You take every step with a self-confidence, you know where you are going… you know that this journey will be exciting and everything you will experience on your way will enrich your self-awareness. You have taken control over your life and it is your decision which direction you are going to take and where you will focus your thoughts and emotions. You know your value and you trust your authentic SELF. Every day in you life brings you fulfilment and satisfaction, and you accept every difficult moment because you are confident that these moments can only make you stronger.

Take a nice, deep breath and see it in your mind’s eye…

You are now just one step away from letting this vision become your reality. Take control of your life! Lets see how I can help you!


I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Anna. I felt cared for and safe every time. Ania was leading our meeting with great awareness and calmness. We were working on my blockade in speaking a foreign language. Thanks to Anna I discovered the possibilities of my subconscious and worked out my fear of speaking in English. Anna’s care, her smile and spirit make sessions enjoyable and relaxing 🙂 I recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know themselves, find answers to various questions and discover what power lies in the visualisation and strength of our mind.

Anna Protas Dancer

It’s a pretty standard joke that in times of crisis we reach for chocolate, there is a whole industry of greeting cards, fridge magnets and advertising materiel based on our addiction to it. However it isn’t so funny when the pounds are going on and you cannot resist the urge to have just one more piece. Hypnotherapy with  Anna has helped me to modify my appetite for chocolate, so that now  while I still eat it occasionally I no longer crave it. I found the whole experience very relaxing and empowering. I am happy to recommend it to anyone trying to gain control of their eating habits.

Sarah Yardley Artist

Anna is very passionate about supporting others in a very holistic and soft way towards their goal. I was fortunate enough to experience her guided hypnotherapy sessions using metaphors and visualisations. What a joy this was ! I have to say I have never experienced such deep relaxation trough doing breath, meditation before. I am new to hypnotherapy and I found it very powerful.
It was a mixture of carefully doing assessment and finding out things I would like work on. Also what would work specifically for me as well as her very calming voice and approach to clients. Whether you have something specific you would like to tackle or simply looking to learn more on how to be and not just do and be more present raising more self awareness hypnotherapy could be your answer.

Asia Punpur Career Coach

How can I help you?

Individual sessions

Each of the sessions we will create together, always bearing you in mind and your needs. You take the decision which path we will take and how long we will stay on it. I will give you tools which will help you to move forward and will be just a half of step behind you all the way.

The power of group

Regular meetings with a theme during group workshops. You can’t under value the power of group! [coming soon]


In this section you will find various recordings, which will help you to relax and change your mindset to the one which supports your path to change. [coming soon]



Awareness may become the beginning of your change, it can lead you to an awakening of your mind. It allows you to notice your feelings, moods, thoughts, behaviours and everything that is around you. Awareness leads you the way to a more conscious life. Once you begin to notice some of it’s elements, you will have the power to make an informed decision about your behaviour, way of thinking and feeling. It’s not easy but perfectly possible and like everything else needs practice.


In our subconscious mind we store all the knowledge we gained during our life, all habits, attitudes and needs. It is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, instincts and our immune system as well as the function of internal organs. The subconscious mind is not led by logic or common sense, it is more like a child who has a very powerful impact on your life. During the hypnotherapy process we are aiming to connect with the subconscious mind and unlock the potential which is hidden inside that may give a new dimension to your life.


Visualisation is the language of the subconscious mind and it allows you to communicate more effectively with it. It’s one of the elements of the hypnotherapy process. Visualisation is a natural ability of all people, it can be a very powerful technique for reaching your goals if used in the correct way. All sportsmen, dancers and actors know about that. It’s like a muscle, the more you use it the more effective it becomes. Exercise it! And I will show you how!


Creating stories has something wonderfully cleansing about it. Listening to stories which resonate with the moment of our life that we are currently in, can be very therapeutic, bring understanding and as an effect may resolve our problem. Stories are key element in defining our identity, adding comprehension as to who we are and what created us. While working with me you will look closer at the story you tell about yourself, as well as stories created by others, which have been around for centuries and will help you to look at your own situation from a different perspective.

Why hypnotherapy?

There are many ways people define hypnotherapy. Some say that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, as the hypnotised person gives permission and follows the instructions. For others hypnotherapy is a guided meditation or meditation with a goal. For me it’s a combination of relaxation, visualisation and affirmation. It’s like an entrance to our inner world through the door leading to a country as beautiful as the lands of Narnia. It’s a journey full of adventures and challenges, which we start as soon as we take a deep breath and close our eyes… That is how I like to think about this experience! Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, where we find ourselves in few times per day. It is so natural that we don’t even notice it. We are in this state when we watch a movie or read a book, which completely entrances us, when we are falling asleep and waking up or even when we drive the car to our work everyday taking the same route, we suddenly notice that we don’t remember anything what we were passing by on the way. When we are relaxed the frequency of our brain waves changes, our breath slows down and muscles relax. When we feel safe our subconscious mind is receptive to suggestions which are beneficial for us. We then have access to the centre where our habits and beliefs exist and the possibility to shape them, so they will become more supportive.
If you would like to learn more about hypnotherapy or maybe you are concerned that you will start flapping like a chicken during the session… feel free to read my blog! 😉

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