6 self-care techniques for anxiety relief that will help you feel calm and in control.

self-care for anxiety relief

These days we hear a lot about the importance of self-care. And although we know it as a fact, we still neglect it. I’ve learned by observing my clients and myself that we tend to put big expectations on ourselves. I hear that very often: “I tried meditation, but I am not good at it”, “I am not flexible, I can’t do yoga”. We forget it’s not a competition. It doesn’t matter what level of competence you will achieve in your self-care routine. The benefits you feel after is the goal not how you perform.

The following techniques are simple and available to everyone. They are so simple that we undervalue their importance and effectiveness very often. They helped me and many of my clients to release tension, slow down, connect and align body and mind. Moreover, as an effect, you reduce anxiety and stress levels. Some of these tools like yoga or a nice bath with Epsom salts will bring an instant feeling of lightness and peace. Especially when done with the intention of kindness towards yourself. Others like journaling and creating lists clear the mind and bring relief from thoughts spinning in your head. Gratitude and nature always bring me positivity and hope. All of these tools, incorporated daily to your routine help balance your life, bring change and open new possibilities. By daily I don’t mean doing everything every single day, that could be unrealistic. Especially nowadays, when we live under constant pressure to achieve and perform, we don’t want these tools to become another chore. Stay flexible and listen to your body. It will guide you to find the right solution at the right moment.

Prioritise your wellbeing.

  • Journaling is a good way to offload what’s on your mind and identify triggers for the cause of your anxiety. If we worry about something we tend to go over and over again the same scenario. Once it’s on the paper it takes a physical form, it’s out of your mind. You regain control, you can think more clearly and decide what action are you going to take. If you have difficulty to make a decision, journaling can help you see different layers of your thought processes. It can also reveal what is holding you back or what is most important for you in a given situation. It’s always there for you, even if for some reason you can’t or don’t want to discuss your concerns with other people. Journaling always leaves me feeling calm and centred.
  • Meditation. We hear recently a lot about meditation and it’s because it has so many benefits. Your mind needs a break and some training from time to time too, not only your body. And meditation can help you achieve both. If practised with consistency it can help you clear your mind and direct your attention to your breath. By being in control of your awareness, you let go of every thought that pops to your mind. During meditation, you can include some intentional visualisations like gratitude or anything else you want to see in your life more or do some guided hypnosis instead. It doesn’t have to be long – start with 5 minutes. Be patient, consistent and kind with yourself.
  • Gratitude is associated with optimism, lower levels of anxiety and depression and better sleep. Research shows that it can also change neural pathways in your brain. That means that if you think you are conditioned to think or react in a certain way, it may be a great tool for you. It helps to see a bright side and hope instead of negativity. Through practising gratitude regularly you can re-wire your brain!

Body and mind connection is real!

  • Soak in a bath with some Epsom salts and essential oils. Many of my clients find it helpful for anxiety, tension and pains. I am using magnesium oil and diffuse oils instead as I don’t have a bath. It works well too! Yet there is something special about lying and relaxing in warm water… 🙂 Essential oils like lavender and chamomile provide a calming effect too. Before trying research it first how much you can add to your bath. Especially essential oils are very powerful, so you don’t want to overdo it.
  • Stretching or yoga. We know that these techniques are beneficial for the body. They increase flexibility and muscle strength. Additionally, incorporating these types of movement contributes to a healthy lifestyle. And as an effect makes us feel happier and more satisfied. It increases serotonin levels too!
  • Nature. Being outdoors for at least 20 minutes every day is beneficial for your well being, topping up your vitamin D levels and providing some fresh air. Nature is very therapeutic and gives so many options. Walking increases blood flow and energy in your body (even if you may feel tired at the beginning, you will see positive effects shortly). Fresh air and focusing on your breath can help to clear your mind, so as soaking in the beauty that surrounds you. Try going for a walk in nature with the intention of slowing down, release any tension and quieten your mind. 

Most likely you will feel an instant change after a single use of any of these techniques. But be aware, you need to be consistent to be able to maintain this change. You wouldn’t expect muscle growth after only one session at the gym! The same applies to our mind. All of these techniques are enjoyable. Although it may not be easy to start, once it’s in your bloodstream you will miss it if you skip a few days.


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