8 ways to deal with doubt and a lack of self-confidence.

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Each of us experiences at least from time to time a decrease in self-confidence, doubt and  the prompting of internal criticism. This is especially true when YOUR goal is big and or ambitious. We stand against a new and unknown, potential necessity to defend our principles and values, here in this moment we will test our consistency in action. It is precisely now that our energy and confidence begins to wane, difficulties appear, everyone knows best and barriers are built that seem to us impossible to overcome. The questions arise: What if I were to quit everything? Why deal with something else? Should I stay with what is known and stable?

This is the important moment at which it is worth stopping before we gallop away with the thoughts that have the greatest inhibiting influence on us at the moment. It is here that we decide whether we will take control of this doubt or whether the doubt will take control of us.

Inspired by the words of Viktor Frankl: “between the stimulus and the reaction is space, and in this space lies the freedom of our response”. It is here that this potential space is sat between what is happening and how we react to it.

In this case, it’s about our thoughts and feelings. It is not easy and requires practice, but over time it becomes a habit. For some, it is enough to take a deep breath and gather positive thoughts, another to recall the desired result of the goal to which they aspire, and other supporting affirmations. I like, if only I had the opportunity, to devote some more time to myself, work on the subject in depth and holistically. Thanks to this, such moments do not happen to me as often as they used to. My ways are not a method for everything and for everyone, but I hope that they will inspire you to find a way for yourself. 🙂

1. Talk to someone, get it off your chest, do not let it fester! Do it consciously, pay attention to how often you talk about this topic with one or another person, this in itself is valuable information for us that something may require change.

2. Analyse the situation, your thoughts, emotions … and FACTS, because we can resist them!

3. Focus on your values, remind them once more or even to strengthen the effect save! It will bring you to the BASE!

4. Relax, let go for a moment, give yourself a break. When acting under pressure, under stress and low mood, we are ineffective. Sometimes, despite the fact that the deadlines are chasing us, it is worth stopping for a moment. There are plenty of ways to relax. I like to stretch my body during a short yoga session, light an aromatic candle and delve into my mind. Depending on my needs, I may use mindfulness meditation of gratitude or self-hypnosis with visualisation. I imagine every element of a fulfilled purpose, how it translates into my values, I try to feel it with every sense. I am also comforted by a safe place created during visualisation. If we visit them regularly, it has a special power for us (as if we have been conditioned by a certain attitude), then a sense of security returns very quickly to us, and all fears dissipate. It is worth combining this self-hypnosis session with affirmations. Choose the ones that work for you and are unique to you, the principle is to have one you have to believe in them.

5. Hug! Yes, yourself! 🙂

6. Drink a warm favourite tea, healthy juice or have a good meal. Take care of your body, especially at this time, it needs strengthening.

7. Dance, walk or any other form of physical activity – they will give you energy!

8. While taking part in “The Artist’s Way” workshop, I discovered “the box for unsupportive thoughts”. You can do it yourself, it is any container in which you cut the hole. A bit like a piggybank … but instead of money you can put there thoughts that do not support you. Almost literally take these thoughts out of your head!

Of course, I do not use all these methods at once, I follow what I feel in the moment. I encourage you too! Next time, when you have doubts and a lull in confidence, just try it! And let me know how it worked for you! 🙂

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