Hypnotherapy and Counselling sessions


I am glad you are here! Thank you for the time you have decided to spend here… but more importantly for the time, you decided to give to yourself! I have prepared lots of tips, ideas and inspiration which hopefully will act for you like a good map, compass and a rucksack full of tools, which will be essential on the journey through your conscious, passionate and positive energy filled life. Take a look around and before we start, don’t forget to let me know if I have given you everything YOU need, because everyone of us is different…

But before we start I will tell you something about myself… why would you take all this equipment from me?

My name is Ania, I am a psychologist, therapist and hypnotherapist. Since 2015 I have lived in the United Kingdom and here I stumbled upon hypnotherapy and expanded my therapeutic skills.

I think that it was supposed to be – lets call it destiny, but at first I did not think so… I had a rather sceptical attitude but as I like trying new things I said YES and realised that I was already using this technique as visualisation and self-hypnosis. During this time my attitude to hypnotherapy changed and hypnotherapy changed my perception of reality. Hypnoanalisis and imagery work like the Inner Child or Shadow Work, has shown me a new dimension to my life, which I did not see before.

Since always I was interested in the meaning of our actions and presence on this planet and since I can remember I was craving stories and warm tales, to sooth my soul, opening the door to the world of fantasy where anything is possible… the real life stories of people, because behind every human story there is a wisdom, values and a universal dimension of our existence. That is how I discover another person, in how they create stories about themselves and how this story influences their lives. That is how I have found my way through the fascinating world of human stories. I absorbed them everywhere even from literature read during my studies of Polish literature and language.

When I came across hypnotherapy I discovered another level, our subconscious mind, where we create parallel stories, sometimes completely different than the ones according to which we live our everyday life.

I believe in the power of our imagination, where we dream and make plans which are the seeds to their realisation. In our imagination, we create every element of our day and convert it to reality. In our imagination, we can find our inner firewood, and we can warm our hearts and give love to this hurt and maybe neglected part in us. In our imagination, we can make the recovery process of our body as well as our emotions.

Just with the skilful use of your imagination, you will be enabled to design your life as you want it!


I am a fully qualified, experienced and accredited integrative counsellor and hypnotherapist. I offer Skype/Zoom counselling and hypnotherapy sessions as well as face to face sessions both short and long term in Chelmsford and Blackmore, Essex, UK.

I draw upon a range of counselling modalities and approaches, such as REBT, person-centred, existential and psychodynamic as well as hypnotherapy.

I am a member of professional associations:

The National Hypnotherapy Society

The National Counselling Society

I gained my previous qualifications:

  • Psychology (MSc), University of Psychology and Social Sciences, Warsaw.
  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Chrysalis, UK.
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills, Chrysalis, UK.
  • The basics of counselling and crisis intervention, Health Institute of Polish Psychological Society, Warsaw.

I’ve gained my experience in various organisations in the UK as well as in Poland. I was providing psychological support to the clients diagnosed with MS and their families for many years.

I practice at Farleigh Hospice offering bereavement counselling support and at SECE Mind working with anxiety-related disorders, depression and trauma. Since 2017 I continue to support clients within my private practice where I provide counselling and hypnotherapy services.

The National Counselling Society Accredited

Anna Yardley the National Hypnotherapy Society membership