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Lets be honest… we can’t avoid stress… especially in the world we are living now.

Maybe if we lived on a wonderful island, where everything we need is simply available, surrounded only by friendly and kind people … The sun rays warm our bodies during the day, and the pleasant wind soothes us at night… we feed on the energising fruits and the beauty of the nature surrounding us… we are free…

The truth is that without a proper attitude to life and the world around us, this beauty will just irritate us and it will not take us much time to find a reason for stress…

So instead of indulging in visions, whose probability is equal to zero, let’s focus on what is real!

Dreams are wonderful, they give us energy for action, faith and hope! Wings! And the power of our imagination knows no limits! But if every day we walk on the ground only for 20% of our time (usually during a crisis, when everything else is burning under these winged feet!). These dreams will not take us far…

There is nothing wrong in reflecting on what has passed or looking into the future and creating plans… provided we can live here and now, be present. Wondering what we could change in the past, constantly scratching old wounds, trying to change what was causing stress is introducing us to a depressive mood. Continuous reflection on the future, the desire to control what could potentially take place causes anxiety and fear. And what happens when we stay in this place too long? I am pretty sure you can imagine…

One thing is certain, without being present, we cease to live…

If we do not live in the here and now and we are not present in our lives, what is the meaning of creating the future? What is the point of thinking about “what would happen if”? What is the purpose of thinking about mistakes from the past if we do not learn lessons from them and put these lessons into action in our lives. Life that takes place here and now.

Many events cause us stress and many other emotions that are associated with it. A large part of them is beyond our control, but even in these moments, if you think that you have no choice… you may be wrong…

How does this resonate with you?


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