Can hypnotherapy help with a fear of driving?

Can hypnotherapy help with a fear of driving?

If you are dreading driving a car, know that you are not alone. To some degree it affects everyone and the feeling can vary from being a bit nervous when driving on your own for the first time or taking unfamiliar route to one of the most extreme and difficult forms of this fear would be a panic attack and avoidance. Panic attacks may manifest themselves as stomach problems, dizziness, difficulty breathing, chest pain, nausea, trembling or shaking, pounding or a racing heart.

Be aware of your self-talk.

The more you avoid driving the more ingrained this fear becomes. If you repeat to yourself ‘I am not a good driver’, ‘I will bump into someone’, you convince yourself that it’s true. But it’s not, it’s just a thought, a belief created by your mind. In most cases the fact is… how do you know, that you are not a good driver? There is no evidence to support this belief. Even if you had an experience of hitting another car or a post, it doesn’t mean you are a bad driver. That could happen to anyone, we all make mistakes and… learn from it.

I quite often hear from my clients: ‘I am usually quite a capable and confident person, but it looks like in this area I am a failure’. The most important thing to remember is: you are not a failure and no one is! The more you repeat it to yourself the more you believe it. And the more you believe it, the more it manifests in your life! So start with positive thoughts and affirmations, believe in yourself and treat yourself like your best friend!

How hypnotherapy can help with a fear of driving?

Exposure therapy as a part of CBT treatment is a very good technique to conquer your fears, however taking the first step might be very difficult and distressing for the client. In the safety of hypnosis, which is in a therapeutic environment a state of a deep relaxation, and a very pleasant experience you can get used to driving a car in a calm and confident manner. Through engaging your subconscious mind in powerful visualisations and suggestions, driving a car will become more natural and enjoyable for you. Moreover during hypnotherapy sessions you will address any triggers or beliefs that you associate with driving and learn how to deal with them. The root cause might be linked with a past unpleasant or even a traumatic experience. But not necessarily, sometimes people might be afraid of driving for what would seem no obvious reason at all. Addressing the root cause of any issue is a way to a permanent change and brings more awareness into your everyday life.

Common driving fears:

  • Fear of losing control,
  • Fear of hitting another car,
  • Fear of other drivers and their mistakes,
  • Fear of driving at night,
  • Fear of driving on narrow roads, highways or bridges,
  • Fear of being inside a car,
  • Fear of having a panic attack while driving.

If any of these sound familiar to you, remember that there is a solution and you don’t have to live with this anxiety. Just imagine how your life could be different if you would be a calm and confident driver!

What you believe, you can achieve!


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