Hypnotherapy for self-love – 4 important elements

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Hypnotherapy for self-love

Hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis is an amazing technique that can deeply heal your heart, mind and soul and sooth it with some self-love. There are at least 4 important elements that will have an impact on your life if practiced daily. The transformation starts even before you start your practice. There is this very important moment […]

How hypnotherapy can change your life?

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life changing hypnotherapy

Therapy using hypnosis, in its basic form involves combining relaxation with deep, focused concentration. This state fosters accepting suggestions (affirmations) that are created for the benefit of and in cooperation with the client. The goal is to reach the subconscious mind and lodge them there. Through deep relaxation, we bypass the conscious mind, which has […]

Common questions about hypnotherapy

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common questions about hypnosis

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience everyday. Many people fear that hypnosis requires to give up control of the mind. However you need to understand that you will not do anything in a hypnotic trance that you would not do in a normal waking state.When in hypnosis, you have a […]