hypnotherapy for confidence

An important fact about self-confidence, you should know.

We need confidence in all areas of our life, each and every day. We face many different challenges in our relationships, work, health, setting goals and plans for the future… reaching our dreams. If we lack confidence, even the smallest of situations can cause us anxiety and stop us from achieving our fullest potential. The […]

what is holding you back?

What is holding you back from moving forward?

How many times did you tell to yourself: “I can’t do it”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not smart enough”, “I am not pretty enough”, “I am not ready”, “I will fail”… We all have this thoughts from time to time, but for some people it’s a constant self-talk that stops them from […]

8 ways to deal with doubt and a lack of self-confidence

8 ways to deal with doubt and a lack of self-confidence.

Each of us experiences at least from time to time a decrease in self-confidence, doubt and  the prompting of internal criticism. This is especially true when YOUR goal is big and or ambitious. We stand against a new and unknown, potential necessity to defend our principles and values, here in this moment we will test […]