Difficult emotions – how to live with them? Part 4

emotional release hypnotherapy

You are not your emotions furthermore they do not define you, but what does this mean? Plus what to do when a wave of feelings floods over us?

When we begin to identify with a given emotion, it makes us dwel on it and the issue snowballs. It becomes the basis for the choices and actions that we make, for instance when we are anxious, we avoid situations or under the influence of anger we explode on a loved one, etc.

Not identifying with a given emotion means experiencing a difficult situation without either repudiating what we feel or giving in to our feelings and reacting automatically. It is not easy, especially when we are in the center of a given situation and we do not have the opportunity to spend a few minutes just to observe what is happening in us.

Not identifying with a given emotion is a process. We come to this through regular relaxation, awareness, observation. By practicing all previous steps.

This is not a one-time remedy, because that’s not the point here. This is an important part of your conscious life!

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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