Everyday relaxation practice – why it is worth doing.

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Do you sometimes feel like a prisoner of your own thoughts, habits and reactions?

Exactly! We all have these feelings sometimes.

Meditation, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, self-hypnosis… Each of these techniques is based on being here and now. Simply being can fundamentally influence the sense of our freedom. Especially when in our everyday lives we live fast and under the pressure of never ending “to do” lists and situations which seem to not have an end.

How can relaxation support us with that?

Reduction of tension and negative stress influence.

Everyday practice causes that we have contact with our body and mind. This is the time when we can delve into ourselves. When our brain waves slow down, the level of stress hormones also decreases.

Internal balance and broadening of decision-making possibilities.

A relaxed mind and body are a major source of inner peace. It gives us more space between the stimulus and the reaction and thus the greater freedom of a conscious choice of our reaction. Thanks to this space, we have more opportunities to deal with everyday problems that cause the tension within us. It allows us to look at them from a distance.

Increased creativity and concentration.

Relaxation activates the right hemisphere of the brain, increases creativity, improves our concentration and memory. Thanks to this, the plasticity of our mind and imagination are also increased.

Regeneration of the body.

A relaxed body will thank you with increased resistance and more energy. During deep relaxation, you can also control the intensity of pain, but it requires longer practice. A relaxed body and mind also increase the self-healing abilities of the body.

Contact with the subconscious.

The regular practice of relaxation is also the way to reach deeper levels of mind, deeper meditation and a greater susceptibility to hypnotherapy. We are able to distance ourselves from the emotions blocking us, which usually make it difficult for us to concentrate and access deeper levels of consciousness. Mute your mind and emotions, thanks to this you will take control of your life.

Start your path to inner freedom today! Practice every day, you only need 5 minutes!

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