Hypnotherapy for changing habits: New Year’s resolutions made easy.

Hypnotherapy for changing habits: New Year’s resolutions made easy.

Hypnotherapy is a very great tool for changing habitual behaviours such as sugar addiction, smoking, drinking, phone addiction, nail biting, compulsive behaviours plus many more.

It might feel sometimes like all destructive and self-defeating habits have a life of their own, and resist any attempt at change. Quite often even whispering into our ears that we need them, that we don’t have a choice. 

You may think at times that you have no will power and just give up changing behaviours that may have dramatic consequences in a long term or are limiting your present life. But with habits that are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, will power alone is not the case!

The role of your subconscious mind.

If you are familiar with my website and my practice you probably already know the term “subconscious mind”. That’s the part of our mind that is responsible for holding automatic behaviours (we need them to be able to live efficiently eg. every skill that we learned and masteries becomes automatic, we don’t have to think about it consciously, we just do it), body functions, our beliefs and values, imagination, intuition and emotions. On the other hand our conscious mind is responsible for logical thinking, procession, analysing and learning new information before it becomes habitual. Our subconscious mind drives the majority of our actions and it absorbs and learns best when everything is aligned with it’s programming and all the messages and information it already has.  This programming is created through all our life from childhood where we started learning behaviours that we observed in our environment.

As Grace Smith writes in “Close Your Eyes, Get Free”: 

“Approximately one third of our developed habits are a direct rebellion against our parents (guardian or most dominant authority figure in our life), and two thirds of our developed habits are a result of mimicking our parents. We either rebel or mimic, and our subconscious mind doesn’t know any different path than to either be the same as our parents or to be the exact opposite of them.”

Does it sound familiar? Obviously we mimic not only self-defeating behaviours. I am sure you can recall few noble characteristics of yours that belong to your parents as well.

Every habit our subconscious mind created once served a purpose, which we might not be aware of. And what is more important is that it might not be valid any more! Once we start repeating a certain behaviour it becomes a habit, we do it automatically and usually only think and regret after. As a response our inner critical voice starts it’s talk… we feel guilty, worthless and disappointed with ourselves for not being strong enough to change, which only makes the cycle more difficult to break.

How hypnotherapy can help you change?

If you learned this habit through repetition, it means you can unlearn it. During hypnotherapy sessions you experience a deep relaxation state and because of this pleasant feeling, when you are able to let go, your subconscious mind is open and receptive to new information. You repeat new behaviour and new suggestions in your imagination – the trick is, your mind thinks these images are real! It doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what imagined. That is why you react emotionally when you are watching a film. Even though you know it’s not happening for real, you may cry, laugh or be terrified.

I would like to encourage you to stay positive and start from the beginning by finding the past, initial trigger of your behaviour. You are strong and if you believe in yourself, having the right tools you can achieve anything you want! It takes some time and patience, but everyone is capable to do it! Remember, you are not alone and seeking help doesn’t mean that you are not strong or good enough. Regaining self-control takes time, commitment and practice but it’s so rewarding! If you will get to the root cause of your behaviour and bring it to awareness that will open the door to a permanent change and control not only over this particular habit but also your life. At the end you will gain freedom to create the life you truly want for yourself! Just imagine that! 🙂

Create new rituals and routines.

Imagine for a moment how would you like your new habit to look, think about your deepest need, is there anything beneficial that could replace your old habit which doesn’t serve you any more? Is there anything that could give you the same feeling? Try to identify this feeling first, what is that for you? Tune in to your unique self and desires.

Good luck!


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