Hypnotherapy for self-love – 4 important elements

Hypnotherapy for self-love

Hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis is an amazing technique that can deeply heal your heart, mind and soul and sooth it with some self-love.

There are at least 4 important elements that will have an impact on your life if practiced daily.

The transformation starts even before you start your practice. There is this very important moment of taking a conscious decision to take care of yourself and control of your life whether by practicing self hypnosis or taking some hypnotherapy and counselling sessions.

As you start, there are these 4 elements that can deeply change your life:

  1. Relaxation – itself means some “ME time”, slowing down and focusing on the inner self, being in touch with your body, thoughts and emotions. Noticing them and not pushing away or disappearing behind a long “To Do” list. That is how I start my hypnotherapy sessions, settling down and going into a very pleasant and deep state of relaxation.
  2. Safe Place – it is important to create in your imagination a place that is safe and comfortable for you to be. A place where no one disturbs you and no one has access without your permission. This safe place is a very important part of the hypnotherapy process. If your subconscious mind feels that it is a safe environment, it is more open to change. This is a place where you can go whenever you feel you need some healing time. This is YOUR place.
  3. Inner Child – I will write more about the Inner Child in a separate post as it is another very important aspect. What is essential to remember is that it doesn’t mean you are still a child. It means that this part is inside you, simply because you once were a child, a vulnerable little person that needed unconditional love, understanding and attention. This part of you may still need these aspects fulfilling. Inner Child work is the best done during hypnotherapy sessions when the therapist facilitates you through this process and is there for you. After you have had some Inner Child work you can always come back to the Safe Place you created to give your Inner Child whatever it needs at that moment, listen to its needs, appreciate it just as it is, give it some love and understanding.
  4. Affirmations/suggestions – our subconscious mind loves repetitiveness. The more times we repeat something, the more true it becomes to our subconscious mind. Accepting affirmations might not be easy for you from the conscious point of view. When I first stumbled upon some affirmations in self-help books, I found it was very strange for me to repeat something like “I love myself”, so I just didn’t bother trying. But then I found something less straight forward which was closer to my heart. I begun to start my affirmations with: “I am ready…”, “I am opening to…”, “I accept…”. And one day saying “I love” to myself became just natural!

Try it! 🙂

With love,


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